HUMAN ERROR - Upon a throne of greed

HUMAN ERROR - Upon a throne of greed



1. Societal Paralysis 04:45    
2. Intus Diabolis (feat Mark Poida - Aversions Crown) 03:35    
3. Synthetic Euphoria 03:31    
4. Billions Made As Millions Die (feat Dickie Allen - Infant Annihilator) 03:43    
5. Human Error (feat Ben Duerr -Shadow Of Intent) 03:47

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At the end of 2016 Vicious Instinct Records signed UK based slamming death core band Human Error for their debut EP entitled ‘Upon A Throne Of Greed’.

The band has became well known in a very short amount of time due to the talent stacked group that make up the band. After releasing a stand alone single ‘Encrusted With Filth’ in January 2016 the demand for pre-orders to drop has been awesome and I’m just as excited to show you guys these designs. I appreciate all the support shown to this label, it doesn’t go unnoticed!