Decimation- Anthems of an Empyreal Dominion

Decimation- Anthems of an Empyreal Dominion

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1.Exercising the Ancient Reign (Intro)03:33  instrumental

2.Sardonic Equilibrium Decree Humiliating Imkhullu03:15  Show lyrics

3.Peripheral Profligacy of Transcendental Lower World03:32  Show lyrics

4.Nocturnal Chaos06:06  Show lyrics

5.Martyring the Ethereal Patriarch04:31  Show lyrics

6.Profane Councils of a Higher Debauchery04:11  Show lyrics

7.Uncircumscribed Delinquency at the Gates of Anu02:55  Show lyrics

8.Entering the Celestial Ruins02:47  Show lyrics

9.Summoning the Hordes of Ghoul Chapel Dæmons03:12  Show lyrics

10.Gospels in the Exile of the Omnipotent04:28  Show lyrics 


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